Program & Speakers:
Business Conference – June 11, 2013

Dr. Janos Veres

Program Manager


Presentation — Business Conference 2013

Tuesday — June 11, 2013 | Time: 12:20 pm

“Bringing together materials, devices and applications for printed electronics commercialization”

  • Printed electronics as an innovation opportunity
  • “Good enough” materials, circuits and processes driving progress
  • Applications and commercialization today and in future


Janos Veres manages the Printed Electronics team at PARC, a Xerox company. His current interests are in combining disruptive material, process, and device technologies – for printed, flexible circuits; sensor and memory arrays; batteries and display devices – all with a focus on early commercialization opportunities.  Before joining PARC, Janos was the CTO at PolyPhotonix, where he developed radically new process technologies for OLED devices, and also worked at Eastman Kodak as their Program Manager of Printed Electronics. An author on over 20 patents and 40 publications, Dr. Veres holds a Ph.D. in Solid State Electronics from Imperial College in London.