Business Conference topics

Jon Stark, Peratech

The Business Conference focuses on business strategies, market analyses, and business models.

How is the product-market fit?
Which unmet needs do the products fulfill?
How can this new technology enable products which generate additional turnover and profit?
Which business strategies make sense?

And from an external viewpoint:
What lessons can be learned from the market launch of other innovative technologies?
Which business models have proven successful?

The following sessions were a part of the LOPEC 2019 Business Conference:

End-user applications and requirements

  • What do customers want, and what do they need?
  • Does this correspond to the latest technologies or is there a gap between both?

Business and product developments

  • Companies and products that have managed to enter the market
  • New technologies that have been implemented into products and which have proven successful on the market

Supply-chain challenges and changes

  • How does the supply chain for printed electronics differ from others?
  • Are there specific requirements, challenges, or peculiarities? If so, what are they?

Market and industry forecasts

  • What is the status of the market at present and in what direction is it moving?
  • Market players, niche markets, etc.

IP and licensing strategies to monetize technology

  • What are the possible IP strategies in printed electronics?
  • How to best use your IP to build a successful business model
  • How does IP licensing impact your business model and/or market?

Business Conference Chair:
Dr. Peter Fischer, Thin Film Electronics(US), COO

Start-up Forum Our Start-up Forum is the place for young entrepreneurs and start-ups to present their innovative ideas, businesses, and products in a short ten-minute talk. Their aim is to win over partners and/or investors for their project.