Plenary Sessions - The industry's most important topics

Audience of the Plenary Session

Every morning the LOPEC Conference starts with presentations in the plenum. During the plenary Session, renowned speakers from science and industry discuss and evaluate the most important current topics from the area of printed electronics.

Respected experts open the LOPEC Conference program every morning with talks in our Plenary Session. This is a place where the biggest and most pertinent issues currently affecting printed electronics discussed.

At present, this includes trends such as new applications in consumer electronics and, above all, wearables, i.e., electronic applications worn either on the body or integrated in clothing. Another key area of interest is applications in the automotive industry, particularly concerning the wide range of benefits OLEDs bring in terms of design, efficiency, and luminosity.

In the Plenary Session, renowned experts, business owners, and high-level management talk about the following topics:

  • Insight into the strategies and visions of international companies in the field of printed electronics
  • The latest findings from global research projects
  • Experiences with printed electronics: lessons learned and conclusions for future applications