A head start for start-ups

Start-up Forum, listeners at the Start-up Forum

Our start-up forum is a place for young entrepreneurs and start-ups to present their innovative ideas, businesses, and products in a short ten-minute talk. Their aim is to win over partners and/or investors for their project.

As a new technology, printed electronics is precisely the right industry for young, ingenious entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take risks. The LOPEC Start-up Forum offers young businessmen and women the chance to showcase their inventions, concepts, business ideas and new technologies in short presentations to investors.

The Start-up Forum is part of the LOPEC Conference event, which takes place as part of the Business Conference. However, the forum is open to all exhibition visitors with the aim to reach the widest possible audience.

Each speaker has ten minutes to present their idea, in order to encourage investors to get on board with their project by offering seed funding or B-round financing.

A jury comprising investors and business leaders assesses the presentations and awards prizes in the following two categories:

  • Best Business Case
  • Most Impactful Technology or Product

Start-ups can also take advantage of reduced price stand offers if they wish to exhibit at the LOPEC trade fair.

Eligible for the LOPEC Start-up Booth Package are young innovative companies featuring new product or process developments. They should be in existence for less than 10 years, legally independent and have fewer than 50 employees.