Technical Conference topics

Prof. Jeng JengYwan

The Technical Conference provides status updates on the development of specific products and business sectors.

The Technical Conference is industry and application oriented and promotes the ongoing development of products and business segments.

Smart and Hybrid Systems

  • Technical challenges of combining foil-based electronics with discrete components for IoT applications. Topics include printed electronic components and systems, including interconnection technologies and integration methods, hybrid integration and sensing, and applications.

Flexible Displays

  • Materials and technologies for emerging display applications, including novel emitters (OLED, QDs, perovskites, microLEDs), novel manufacturing routes, additional in-display functionality, and integration challenges in mobile phone displays, TV screens and automotive displays.

Human-machine Interfaces (HMI)

  • New trends in touch panels, tactile and haptic feedback, airborne haptics and display technologies in human-machine interactions and its applications in automotive, aerospace and others.

Wearable electronics

  • Technical challenges and advances in wearable and stretchable electronics applications.


  • Technologies for energy production, harvesting and storage, including thin-film photovoltaics (Organic solar cells, perovskites, CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) and DSSC (dye-sensitized solar cell), thermoelectrics, thin-film batteries and supercapacitors.

Upscaling Production and Manufacturing Processes

  • Challenges and advances in upscaling production, printing and patterning processes, including inspection and quality control in production lines.

Biomedical applications

  • Challenges and use cases of large area, printed or organic electronics in bio-medical applications.

Functional Materials

  • Organic, inorganic and hybrid materials for opto-electronic devices, novel materials like graphene, active and passive materials that can be deposited cost-effectively over large area.

Substrates and Encapsulation

  • Recent advancements on substrate technologies including thin-film encapsulation.

Publicly Funded Projects

  • Latest achievements in publicly funded projects.


  • (O)LED lighting, signage, integration for required applications, smart enhancement of (O)LED light source, smart integrated functionality in (O)LED lighting for application areas, and its applications in focus areas of automotive and aerospace.

3D Structural electronics

  • Integration of electronics and components into the housing via 3D printing, in-molding, thermoforming, or 3D MID and its application in for example  automotive or aerospace.

Smart textiles

  • Challenges and advances in materials and integration of various functionalities in textiles.

Technical Conference Chair:
Prof. Gerwin Gelinck, TO/Holst Centre (NL), Program Director

In addition to the presentations, the Technical Conference will be hosting a Poster Session. Here, new ideas or technologies are presented in short form. The posters will be presented in the ICM foyer where theyare made accessible to all trade fair and conference visitors.

As part of this session, the authors of the posters are present to answer any questions visitors may have about the interesting and innovative issues they raise. This will take place on March 25, 2020 from 18:00 to 19:30. This event is also open to all visitors attending both the Conference and the trade fair. Here, through one-on-one discussions, guests can gain further knowledge and establish useful contacts.