International knowledge transfer

Conference profile, audience listens to presentation and talk

The LOPEC Conference is the world's leading communication platform in the field of printed electronics. Researchers, scientists, and end users from across the globe come together to discuss the latest research findings, as well as the challenges businesses are facing. It is the ideal place for the transfer of valuable knowledge.

With more than around 200 conference presentations, the LOPEC Conference is the world's leading communication platform for research, knowledge, and solutions in the printed electronics industry. All presentations are reviewed by an international panel of experts, thus ensuring topicality and leading expertise in the field.

The presentations at the Conference are tailored to the various interests of the attendees:

  • The Business Conference focuses primarily on business strategies, market analyses, and business models.
  • The Technical Conference is geared towards industry and applications, as well as promotes the ongoing development of products and business sectors.
  • The Scientific Conference is the forum where scientists can discuss the latest concepts and results of their research.

Further information on the Conference modules can be found here.

Review: Conference program 2019