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LOPEC Conference

The LOPEC Conference is the world's leading specialist conference for printed electronics. It is a forum where the latest developments in business, technology and science are presented and discussed. It is a place where visitors can gain access to valuable insider knowledge and establish useful contacts.

As the leading global platform, LOPEC offers members across the entire sector support in every aspect of the industry, from research to application—both today and tomorrow. LOPEC connects, inspires and puts ideas into practice. It brings printed electronics to life.

In the field of printed electronics, the LOPEC Conference is the world's most important communication platform for research, knowledge and solutions. Through talks given by some of the industry's leading figures, as well as renowned research institutes from across the globe, the LOPEC Conference provides access to valuable insider knowledge. By attending the three-day conference in Munich, you are guaranteed to make the most of the practical benefits on offer:

  • Gain access to in-depth expertise on the latest research in the field of printed electronics

  • Get ahead by boosting your knowledge

  • Discover ideas for new products and innovativ applications

  • Meet interesting new contacts

The language of the conference is English.

The LOPEC Conference is divided into three elements focusing on different themes find here