Plenary Sessions—The industry's most important topics

Respected experts open the LOPEC Conference program every morning with talks in our Plenary Session. This is a place where the biggest and most pertinent issues currently affecting printed electronics discussed.

In the Plenary Session, renowned experts, business owners, and high-level management talk about the following topics:

  • Insight into the strategies and visions of international companies in the field of printed electronics
  • The latest findings from global research projects
  • Experiences with printed electronics: lessons learned and conclusions for future applications


Plenary speakers of LOPEC 2021:

Prof. Reinhard R. Baumann

Fraunhofer ENAS (DE), Scientist

Towards Individualization of Products in Mass Production

  • Digital Fabrication Based on Printing and Laser
  • Inline Individualization of Mass Products
  • Use Cases: Automotive, Aviation and Illumination

Dr. Wim Christiaens & Dr. Stijn Gillissen

Quad Industries (BE), R&D Director / Henkel (BE), Global Head Printed Electronics

Printed electronics—a technology platform enabling wearable health solutions

  • Applications—functionalities—requirements
  • Materials—inks & adhesives—integration
  • Reference cases: From smart patch to smart textile

Esmeralda Megally

Xsensio (CH), CEO & Co-Founder

Developing the Next-Generation of Wearables

  • Wearables today focus mostly on activity tracking
  • Sensing chip tracks biochemical data
  • Building a unique sensing platform

Prof. John A. Rogers

Northwestern University (US), Professor

Soft Skin-Interfaced Electronics for Clinical-Grade Health Monitoring

  • skin-interfaced wearables
  • hybrid flexible electronics
  • continuous, clinical-grade health monitoring

Dr. Alain Schumacher

IEE S.A. (LU), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

From Start-Up to Global Player with Printed Electronics

  • Retrospection, from past to present & beyond
  • PE in Automotive safety applications
  • Future functions and application fields

Robert Weiss

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG (DE), Vice President Technology and Innovation Management

Challenges in the Commercialization of Printed Electronics

  • Trends in Functional Printing/Printed Electronics
  • Industrial Commercialization
  • Hidden Challenges

Dr. Kiarash Vakshouri

Google Inc. (US), Reliability Lead

Methodologies for Reliability Assessment of Flexible Displays

  • Foldable Display
  • Mechanical reliability
  • Cover window film

Dr. James Lee

TCL Corporation Ltd. (CN), Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President

Flexible Printed OLED TV Display Technology : Opportunity & Challenges

  • 31" Flexible Printed OLED TV
  • RGB Ink Jet Printing OLED Technology
  • Top Emission & Advanced Encapsulation Tech.

Open Plenary Session—Conference sneak preview

Wednesday—March 24, 2021, 8:00

Speaker of the Open Plenary Session:

Wolfgang Mildner
Owner MSWtech & General Chair LOPEC

Highlights and introduction LOPEC 2021

  • LOPEC 2021: Mobility, Smart Living and Trends
  • Overview Conference Structure
  • Conference Talks: Highlights

Stan Farnsworth
NovaCentrix (US), Chief Marketing Officer & Chair OE-A Board

Moving Forward in Uncertain Times: Innovation is More Important than Ever

  • Innovation is more important than ever
  • Identifying opportunities
  • How to proceed?

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