Intensive lessons on key technologies: Short Courses

The LOPEC Conference offers participants the opportunity to take part in a 45-minute intensive course where they can access expert knowledge on a broad range of key technologies in printed electronics. Afterwards the floor is opened for discussion.

Short Courses of LOPEC 2021

Prof. Dr. Toshihide Kamata

AIST (JP), Director of Sensing System Research Center

Wearable devices for Healthcare IoT

  • The emergence of wearable devices
  • Applications
  • Advantages and outlook

Dr. Giorgio C. Mutinati

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AT), Senior Research Engineer

Printed biosensors

  • Quantitative biosensors
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Printing technologies, bio-inks, microchip


Dr. Tom Aernouts

imec (BE), R&D Manager Thin-Film Photvoltaics

Efficient structures and processes for reliable perovskite solar modules

  • Perovskite photovoltaics
  • Solar modules
  • Upscaling

Dr. Pälvi Apilo

TactoTek Oy (FI), Technology Development Manager

Smart Molded Structures, Applications and Technology Verification – Course 1

  • Injection Molded Structural Electronics
  • Smart Molded Structures
  • Technology Verification

Dr. Outi Rusanen

TactoTek (FI), Senior Interconnection Specialist

Smart Molded Structures, Applications and Technology Verification – Course 2

  • Component and surface mount adhesive certification
  • Results from technology verification testing
  • Standardization activities

Dr. Kari Rönkä

VTT technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. (FI), Research team leader

R2R printed electronics, optics and optoelectronics - processes and upscaling challenges

  • Roll-to-roll printed and hybrid electronics
  • Material and manufacturing challenges
  • Intehration to end-user products

Dr. João Gomes

CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (PT), Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Smart fabrics and printed electronics on textile substrates: enabling technologies and key technology issues

  • e-Textiles
  • Fibre devices
  • Printed electronics on textiles

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