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As the leading global platform, LOPEC offers members across the entire sector support in every aspect of the industry, from research to application—both today and tomorrow. LOPEC connects, inspires and puts ideas into practice. It brings printed electronics to life.

In the field of printed electronics, the LOPEC Conference is the world's most important communication platform for research, knowledge and solutions. Through talks given by some of the industry's leading figures, as well as renowned research institutes from across the globe, the LOPEC Conference provides access to valuable insider knowledge.

This year, the LOPEC Conference will be held as an online event, just like the trade show. Experience around 180 conference presentations from leading industry representatives as well as renowned research institutes and gain insights into innovations and solutions in printed electronics. The conference program will be shown live on three stages, which will be transmit-ted in three streams parallel to each other, over three days. Afterwards, the entire contributions will still be available on demand for six weeks.

Good reasons to participate in the LOPEC Conference

  • Get the most comprehensive knowledge of the latest research in printed electronics from anywhere in the world.
  • Learn more about the latest technologies and trends first hand
  • Discover ideas for new products and innovative applications
  • Make new interesting contacts via the online community

LOPEC - Conference statements 2019

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With over 200 conference contributions from 25 countries, the LOPEC conference 2019 once again proved why it is the most important communication platform for research, knowledge and solutions in the field of printed electronics worldwide. Here you can see the statements of numerous conference participants from different industries.

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LOPEC Conference is the world's leading communication platform for research, knowledge, and solutions in the printed electronics industry.

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