LOPEC Conference speakers

Each year LOPEC invites renowned business representatives and scientists to speak at its Conference event. Once again, we have been able to attract a large number of business representatives and scientists from around the world to speak at the LOPEC Conference.

The 2021 speakers included:


Plenary Session

Name Company
Name Prof. Reinhard Baumann Company Fraunhofer ENAS (DE)
Name Stan Farnsworth Company NovaCentrix (US)
Name Dr. Stijn Gillissen Company Henkel (BE)
Name Dr. Wim Christiaens Company Quad Industries (BE)
Name Esmeralda Megally Company Xsensio (CH)
Name Prof. John Rogers Company Northwestern University (US)
Name Dr. Alain Schumacher Company IEE (LU)
Name Dr. Kiarash Vakhshouri Company Google Hardware (US)
Name Robert Weiss Company Schreiner Group (DE)
Name Dr. James Lee Company TCL (CN)

Business Conference

Session Name Company
Session End-user applications and requirements Name Dr. Michael Hack Company Universal Display Corporation (US)
Session Business and product developments Name Dr. Edzer Huitema Company E Ink Corporation (US)
Session Business and product developments Name Dr. Scott White Company pragmatIC (UK)
Session Markets and business environment Name Kévin Le Blévennec Company VITO (BE)

Technical Conference

Session Name Company
Session Smart and hybrid systems Name Dr. Emre Ozer Company Arm (UK)
Session Flexible and large-area displays Name Dr. Bernd Zimmermann Company Plastic Logic (DE)
Session Human-machine interfaces (HMI) Name Christophe Cazes Company Novares (FR)
Session Wearable electronics Name Dr. Radislav Potyrailo Company GE Research (US)
Session Energy Name Dr. David Forgacs Company Saule Technologies (PL)
Session Upscaling production and manufacturing processes Name Andrea Glawe Company Kroenert (DE)
Session Biomedical applications Name Dr.-Ing. Christoph Kaiser Company InnovationLab GmbH (DE)
Session Functional materials Name Dr. Jonas Groten Company JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (AT)
Session Substrates and encapsulation Name Dr. Christoph Hunger Company Papierfabrik Louisenthal (DE)
Session Publicly funded projects Name Nicolas Gouze Company VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (DE)
Session Lighting Name Dr. Werner Thomas Company AUDI AG (DE)
Session 3D structural electronics Name Dr. Rob van Asselt Company Signify (NL)
Session Smart textiles Name Marina Toeters Company by-wire NL

Scientific Conference

Session Name Company
Session Materials Name Prof. Gang Wang
Company Donghua University (CN)
Session Materials Name Prof. Hui Huang Company University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)
Session Materials Name Prof. Cheng-Liang Liu Company National Central University (TW)
Session Devices Name Prof. Derya Baran Company King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (SA)
Session Circuit design and devices Name Prof. Shweta Agarwala Company Aarhus University (DK)

Short Courses

Session Name Company
Session Wearables Name Dr. Ashok Sridhar Company TNO Holst Centre (NL)
Session Smart fabrics Name João Gomes Company CENTI Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (PT)
Session Biosensors Name Dr. Giorgio C. Mutinati Company AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)
Session In-Mold structural electronics Name Dr. Tech Pälvi Apilo
Dr. Tech Outi Rusanen
Company TactoTek Oy (FI)
TactoTek Oy (FI)
Session Perosvskite solar cells Name Tom Aernouts Company imec/Solalliance (BE)
Session Printing processes Name Dr. Kari Rönkä Company VTT Technical research centre of Finland (FI)
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