Plenary Sessions—The industry's most important topics

Respected experts open the LOPEC Conference program every morning with talks in our Plenary Session. This is a place where the biggest and most pertinent issues currently affecting printed electronics discussed.

In the Plenary Session, renowned experts, business owners, and high-level management talk about the following topics:

  • Insight into the strategies and visions of international companies in the field of printed electronics
  • The latest findings from global research projects
  • Experiences with printed electronics: lessons learned and conclusions for future applications

We would have liked to welcome you to this year's edition of LOPEC.

A selection of the planned contents as well as information on the top themes of LOPEC 2020 is available here. Furthermore, we will inform you soon about the topics and contents of LOPEC 2021.

Plenary Sprecher der LOPEC 2020:

Prof. Reinhard Baumann

Fraunhofer ENAS (DE), Professor

Towards Individualization of Products in Mass Production

  • Individualization of products in mass production
  • Digital printing and laser processing
  • Use cases in automotive, aviation and illumination

Dr. Holger Becker

microfluidic chipshop (DE), CSO

Microfluidics—How printed electronics can help a revolution in the life sciences

  • Miniaturization in the life scienes
  • Microfluidics as key enabling technology
  • Printed electronics for functional integration

Dr. Wim Christiaens & Dr. Stijn Gillissen

Quad Industries (BE), R&D Director / Henkel (BE), Global Head Printed Electronics

Printed electronics—a technology platform enabling wearable health solutions

  • Applications—functionalities—requirements
  • Materials—inks & adhesives—integration
  • Reference cases: From smart patch to smart textile

Prof. John Rogers

Northwestern University (US), Professor

Soft electronic and microfluidic systems for the skin

  • Biomedical devices
  • Precision medicine
  • Stretchable electronics

Dr. Alain Schumacher


From start-up to global player with printed electronics

  • Retrospection on 30 years of company history
  • Flexible & printed electronics in automotive
  • Future: digitalization & big data

Marina Toeters (NL), Designer in fashion technology

Unfolding fashion tech

  • Fashion is hardly innovating
  • Prototyping and a research through design approach
  • Towards relevant, supportive and beautiful fashion

Robert Weiss

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG (DE), VP Technology and Innovation Management

Challenges in the commercialization of printed electronics

Dr. Xiaolin Yan


Flexible printed display technology: Opportunities & challenges

  • Flexible display market trend & market forecast
  • 31” flexible printed OLED TV technology
  • Flexible printed OLED TV technology development strategy

Open Plenary Session—Conference sneak preview

Wednesday—March 25, 2020, 8:00

An early start to an exciting topic: For the first time, LOPEC 2020 will feature an Open Plenary Session, which will give all visitors, conference participants and exhibitors a foretaste of the conference and an overview of the highlights of the conference and exhibition before the regular start of the event. Visiting the Open Plenary Session is possible with a visitor, congress or exhibitor ticket.

Speaker of the Open Plenary Session:

Wolfgang Mildner
Owner MSWtech&General Chair LOPEC

Highlights and Focus topics of LOPEC 2020

  • Focus for LOPEC 2020 : Key Take-Aways
  • Exhibition Highlights: Demo Line, Innovation Showcase
  • Conference Highlights: Keynotes, Invited Speakers
  • LOPEC 2020: Facts and Figures

Stan Farnsworth
NovaCentrix (US), Chief Marketing Officer & Chair OE-A Board

Identifying and Navigating Through Opportunities in Flexible and Hybrid Electronics

  • Mega-trends and FHE
  • Connecting the Dots
  • OE-A and LOPEC as Tech and Market Guides

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