Plenary Sessions—The industry's most important topics

Respected experts open the LOPEC Conference program every morning with talks in our Plenary Session. This is a place where the biggest and most pertinent issues currently affecting printed electronics discussed.

Plenary speakers LOPEC 2020:

Prof. Reinhard Baumann

Fraunhofer ENAS (DE), Professor

Towards Individualization of Products in Mass Production

  • Individualization of products in mass production
  • Digital printing and laser processing
  • Use cases in automotive, aviation and illumination

Dr. Holger Becker

microfluidic chipshop (DE), CSO

Microfluidics—How printed electronics can help a revolution in the life sciences

  • Miniaturization in the life scienes
  • Microfluidics as key enabling technology
  • Printed electronics for functional integration

Dr. Wim Christiaens & Dr. Stijn Gillissen

Quad Industries (BE), R&D Director / Henkel (BE), Global Head Printed Electronics

Printed electronics—a technology platform enabling wearable health solutions

  • Applications—functionalities—requirements
  • Materials—inks & adhesives—integration
  • Reference cases: From smart patch to smart textile

Prof. John Rogers

Northwestern University (US), Professor

Soft electronic and microfluidic systems for the skin

  • Biomedical devices
  • Precision medicine
  • Stretchable electronics

Dr. Alain Schumacher


From start-up to global player with printed electronics

  • Retrospection on 30 years of company history
  • Flexible & printed electronics in automotive
  • Future: digitalization & big data

Marina Toeters (NL), Designer in fashion technology

Unfolding fashion tech

  • Fashion is hardly innovating
  • Prototyping and a research through design approach
  • Towards relevant, supportive and beautiful fashion

Robert Weiss

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG (DE), VP Technology and Innovation Management

Challenges in the commercialization of printed electronics

Dr. Xiaolin Yan


Flexible printed display technology: Opportunities & challenges

  • Flexible display market trend & market forecast
  • 31” flexible printed OLED TV technology
  • Flexible printed OLED TV technology development strategy

NEW: Open Plenary Session—Conference sneak preview

Wednesday—March 25, 2020, 8:00

An early start to an exciting topic: For the first time, LOPEC 2020 will feature an Open Plenary Session, which will give all visitors, conference participants and exhibitors a foretaste of the conference and an overview of the highlights of the conference and exhibition before the regular start of the event. Visiting the Open Plenary Session is possible with a visitor, congress or exhibitor ticket.

Speaker of the Open Plenary Session:

Wolfgang Mildner
Owner MSWtech&General Chair LOPEC

Highlights and Focus topics of LOPEC 2020

  • Focus for LOPEC 2020 : Key Take-Aways
  • Exhibition Highlights: Demo Line, Innovation Showcase
  • Conference Highlights: Keynotes, Invited Speakers
  • LOPEC 2020: Facts and Figures

Stan Farnsworth
NovaCentrix (US), Chief Marketing Officer & Chair OE-A Board

Identifying and Navigating Through Opportunities in Flexible and Hybrid Electronics

  • Mega-trends and FHE
  • Connecting the Dots
  • OE-A and LOPEC as Tech and Market Guides

All relevant areas

Business, technology, and science: The conference is tailored to the various interests of participants.

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