Frequently asked questions—FAQ for exhibitors

As an exhibitor, do you still have questions for us? Is there anything about application/registration, stand booking, or logistics about which you are still not entirely clear? Through our FAQ we aim to answer any remaining questions you may still have about LOPEC.

A fully completed and signed application form is required in order to take part in LOPEC. We decide on the basis of the details you provide whether your company can be admitted as an exhibitor. There is no official deadline for applications.

We start allocation on October 19, 2020, on the basis of all the applications received at that point. Send us your application by then and we'll be able to take your requests for stand locations into account. Please also bear in mind that certain services cannot be booked later than February 4, 2021.

If you have any questions about your attendance at the trade fair, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Applications for LOPEC

You will receive your placement proposal for LOPEC 2021 in December 2020.

The application covers the actual stand space at LOPEC. This automatically includes the communication fee (obligatory entry in the list of exhibitors in the Visitor Guide—online and in the catalog), the AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) fee, and waste disposal at the trade fair center during the trade fair. In addition, the advance payment for services is also booked with the registration.

Other services, such as stand construction and details of related fittings (such as partitions, carpets, and power), as well as advertising material, can be ordered to your specification using the order forms. We shall inform you as soon as information on this is available on our website.

  • LOPEC full service package (stand construction)
  • LOPEC “Academic” stand package
  • LOPEC “Start-up” stand package

You can find details here: Book your space

You will find here an overview of all participation prices, such as costs of hiring your stand area, Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) fee, and more.

At LOPEC we use fully personalized Print@home tickets for exhibitors (exhibitor passes). You can personalize and order Print@home tickets for exhibitors from the beginning of January 2021 using the link that we send you once you have paid the admission invoice. The Print@home tickets can then easily be printed out at your office.

Each exhibitor receives via e-mail a specified number of free Print@home exhibitor tickets (exhibitor passes) for his stand, for the duration of the trade fair.

  • Stands up to 20 square meters: two exhibitor passes
  • Stands from 21 square meters: one (additional) exhibitor pass per extra 20 square meters or part

Extra exhibitor passes are available at a price of EUR 35 each. The exhibitor passes are fully personalized and are intended for stand staff only. They may not be transferred to others. In cases of misuse, Messe München has the right to withdraw the exhibitor pass.

Admission invoices are sent out from January 2021.

Exhibitors can register co-exhibitors on their stand space. The co-exhibitor registration form that is required for this purpose must be filled out and signed by the main exhibitor. Registration of co-exhibitors is free of charge: only the cost of the mandatory communication fee, at EUR 420, will be charged to the main exhibitor.

For the mandatory communication fee, co-exhibitors enjoy the same benefits as main exhibitors, i.e., they are listed as independent exhibitors in the trade fair catalog and in the online list of exhibitors.

Co-exhibitors receive one free Print@home exhibitor ticket (exhibitor pass). Further exhibitor passes can be ordered from the beginning of January 2021 using the link provided by us once the admission invoice has been paid by the main exhibitor. The Print@home tickets can then easily be printed out at your office. The cost per ticket is EUR 35 plus VAT.

As a main or co-exhibitor, you can use our order forms on the website to book a wide range of additional services. You can order stand construction, equipment and technology, tickets, and marketing material simply and from the beginning of December 2020 in the Exhibitor Shop.

You can find details here: Dates—set-up and dismantling times.

LOPEC charges a mandatory fixed fee for waste disposal. This is a fixed fee covering disposal of waste for the entire duration of the trade fair and during set-up and dismantling. It will be shown as part of your admission invoice. In addition, the regulations set out under item 6.1 of the technical guidelines apply to the disposal of waste.

A mandatory communication fee of EUR 420 will be charged to all exhibitors. The mandatory communication fee includes, for each exhibitor and co-exhibitor on a shared stand, basic entry and product category entry in the trade fair catalog (print, online, and mobile where available—see B 10 Media Services), a copy of the print catalog/trade fair catalog (distributed on-site at the trade fair), and other communications services as defined under Clause B 10 “Media Services (Catalog—Internet—Mobile)”. For an additional fee, further entries in the available media may be booked directly with our media partner jl.medien

An overview of all exhibiting companiesat LOPEC is available on the LOPEC website—or you can use the handy download in Excel format.

Exhibitors receive a 5 percent discount on conference tickets ordered online (except LOPEC Dinner, tickets for universities / research institutions, speakers / poster presenters, student groups and ticket purchases at the box office). For the exhibitor promotion code please contact the LOPEC project management. OE-A members will receive a discount of ten percent on the regular conference ticket price. Every ticket is personalized, meaning it is valid only for the ticket owner and is not transferable.

A voucher or online voucher for a one-day ticket is a free entry voucher for your customers that you can order from us; alternatively, you may receive a specified allocation as a starter package once you have confirmed your placement proposal. You can use these vouchers for your professional invitation and contact management, since the voucher represents an incentive to visit your exhibition stand.

A co-exhibitor is a company or organization whose own employees present its products and services at the stand of a main exhibitor. This includes group companies and subsidiaries. The form must be signed by the main exhibitor.

A joint exhibitor is a company or organization whose own employees present its products and services at a shared stand organized by a shared stand organizer. The form for an exhibitor at a shared stand must be signed by the organizer.

Cancellation fees will apply if you decide you no longer want your stand space once you have already confirmed the stand offer in writing. The cancellation must be made in writing. If the stand can be rented out to someone else, the cancellation fee will be 25 percent of the participation price. If the stand cannot be rented out to someone else, 100 percent of the participation price will be charged. No cancellation fees will apply in the period between registration and the placement proposal.

Do you have any questions about your participation at the LOPEC trade fair? We are happy to support you.


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