Frequently asked questions—FAQ for exhibitors

As an exhibitor, do you still have questions for us? Is there anything about application/registration, stand booking, or logistics about which you are still not entirely clear? Through our FAQ we aim to answer any remaining questions you may still have about LOPEC.

Measures relating to the safety and hygiene concept (last updated August 12, 2020)

On the event site

The number of visitors is determined by the available event space. The authorities requirements regarding the number of visitors allowed can thus be met. Additionally, this creates the basis for ensuring that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained. Due to the necessary admission controls, information is available about how many people are on the event area.

At stands

Due to the requirement to wear a mouth and nose cover, the number of visitors to the stand is not limited. If the infection rate develops in a positive way, masks may be removed at tables at stands. The requirement in this case is always that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be safely maintained.

On public transport

For visitors arriving by public transport, the current rules regarding local public transport apply.

At hubs

At known hubs such as the entrance area or cloakroom where lines can occur and large numbers of visitors congregate, special rules will apply. Employees will also receive infection protection training.

In forum and conference areas or seating

The minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies in forum and conference areas. Measures such as access control and suitable seating etc. will ensure that the minimum distance can be maintained.

General guidance system

When determining the routes, care must be taken to avoid hubs, for example with floor markings. Elevators may only be used by a maximum of one person.


Messe München has its own ventilation concept. The ICM - International Congress Center München is equipped with a modern ventilation system that operate with the highest possible proportion of fresh air and the lowest possible proportion of circulating air. In addition, the indoor air is increasingly replaced by fresh outdoor air.

Mouth and nose cover – indoor areas

At the moment, a mask covering the mouth and nose must be worn in all indoor areas on the venue, regardless of whether the minimum distance can be maintained. Participants who do not have their own mask will be provided with one.

Mouth and nose cover – outdoor areas

If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn in outdoor areas on the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München (e.g. courtyard).

Mouth and nose cover – in conference rooms

The conference rooms are seated with sufficient distance between each other. When taking a seat, the mouth-nose cover can be removed. It must be put back on when leaving the seat. There is a maximum number of participants per conference room.

Hygiene at the stand

The exhibitor must name a person present at the stand as a contact person for ensuring compliance with the hygiene and clearance rules, such as the disinfection of useful areas.

Cleaning at the stand

An hourly cleaning service will be organized and run by Messe München for all exhibitors.

Sanitary areas and cleaning

The sanitary facilities will be cleaned at regular intervals. Hand washing and disinfection facilities with adequate distancing are provided.

Disinfectant dispensers and cleaning

Disinfectant dispensers will be provided at all key locations on the site. Surfaces which are touched regularly (e.g. counters, tables, handrails) will be cleaned more often.


All doors with the exception of fire doors will be kept open - as far as possible - in order to reduce contact with surfaces.

Traceability in the event of an infection

All event participants must register in advance via ticket purchase, i.e. via their visitor ticket, exhibitor pass or service partner pass, in order to obtain access authorization. This ensures that contact persons can be quickly identified in the event of a corona infection.

Tracking at (trade fair) stands

At the moment no separate tracing at the stand is necessary. If the infection rate develops in a positive way, the mouth and nose cover can be removed at stands at the table. The requirement in this case is always that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be safely maintained. Further, the exhibitor must record the contact details and the presence at the stand of the contact person separately. The exhibitor is free to decide how this registration is carried out: Either with a digital registration tool of their own or the data can be entered manually, e.g. using a list or business card.

Number of visitors

For each event there is a defined number of visitors allowed on the event area at the same time. This number is based on the event space and is set by the authorities.


In catering areas, the general rules for Bavarian catering establishments apply. For reasons of space and hygiene regulations, you cannot provide your own stand catering on the Stand. Catering at the event is available only from our catering partners Able Catering GbR or Käfer Messegastronomie.


Messe München, the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter have a parking concept with enough parking spaces and are experienced in organizing increased traffic.

Medical care

The medical service is constantly present at events—from setup throughout the entire trade show and stand dismantling period. Paramedics and physicians will treat medical emergencies directly on the spot. If necessary, the public rescue service (ambulance) is called in to provide assistance. There is also a hygiene official on site.

General questions

LOPEC sends out a regular newsletter that contains information about the latest technology and industry news in the field of printed electronics.

You can subscribe free of charge here.

An overview of all exhibiting companies at LOPEC is available on the LOPEC web-site—or you can use the handy download in Excel format.

Opening hours are posted here.

To participate in LOPEC as a main or co-exhibitor, you must be eligible to be admitted to one of the fair’s exhibition sectors.

Overview of all exhibition sectors at LOPEC.

Free WiFi service is available to visitors throughout the trade-fair center and in the halls. The bandwidth is up to 4 Mbit / sec. The download volume is limited to 200 MB per user per day. Here you will find additional information about using the visitor WiFi.

Due to the above limitations, we highly recommend that exhibitors order a LAN con-nection for their stands.

Smoking is generally prohibited in the exhibition halls. Please smoke only in designated smoking areas.

No, according to Messe München´s house and user rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

In the entrance area you can leave your checkroom or luggage for storage.

Photography at the trade-fair center is only permitted if authorized in advance by Messe München.

Messe München was designed and built barrier-free. Contact us by telephone or e-mail ahead of time to get information about special admission fees and parking alter-natives as these can vary, depending on the event.

Information about getting to the fair is available under Travel and Stay.

LOPEC staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. These are your contacts for exhibitors.

Questions about registration and the registration process

To participate in LOPEC, you need to fill out the registration form. You can register for LOPEC here on our website. Based on the information provided there, we will check whether your company can be admitted as an exhibitor. There is no official deadline for applications.

Placement will start on October 19, 2020 on the basis of all available registrations.

If you have any questions about your attendance at the fair, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can book one of the following stand spaces for LOPEC 2021.

You can book one of the following combination packages.

You will receive your stand proposal for LOPEC 2021 in December 2020.

Admission invoices are sent out from middle of January 2021.

We have put together additional information and a list of deadlines in the section Dates and Logistics. Please note that the booking of some technical services from February 4, 2021 onwards is subject to a delay surcharge.

Please log in with your access data.

The access data for exhibitor online application are identical to the access data of the Exhibitor Shop of Messe München GmbH. If you already have access to an Exhibitor Shop of Messe München GmbH, please use the e-mail address and the associated password that you used for the last event. If you cannot remember it, please use the function "Forgot password?". If you do not have any access data from a previous event, please register anew via the 'Register' function.

We would be pleased to assist with your questions by phone at +49 89 949 - 11618 or by e-mail at

As an exhibitor, you may also order a number of other additional services. They cover everything from assistance with stand construction, stand equipment and technical services to exhibitor passes, advertising materials and support to help you prepare for the fair and ensure the success of your exhibit. Details are available in our Exhibitor Shop, where you can conveniently order these services online. We will inform you once that service is available.

Exhibitors can register co-exhibitors on their stand space. The main exhibitor will find the necessary registration link in his online registration and can forward it directly to the co-exhibitor. Registration of co-exhibitors is free of charge: only the cost of the mandatory communication fee, at EUR 420, will be charged to the main exhibitor.

For the mandatory communication fee, co-exhibitors enjoy the same benefits as main exhibitors, i.e., they are listed as independent exhibitors in the trade fair catalog and in the online list of exhibitors.

Exhibitors receive a 5 percent discount on conference tickets ordered online (except tickets for universities / research institutions, speakers / poster presenters and ticket purchases at the box office). For the exhibitor promotion code please contact the LOPEC project management .

OE-A members receive a 10 percent discount on conference tickets ordered online (except tickets for universities / research institutions, speakers / poster presenters and ticket purchases at the box office). For the OE-A member promotion code please contact the OE-A team.

The discount for exhibitors and OE-A members cannot be combined. Only one of the two discounts applies.

Every ticket is personalized, meaning it is valid only for the ticket owner and is not transferable.

At LOPEC we use fully personalized Print@home tickets for exhibitors (exhibitor passes). You can personalize and order Print@home tickets for exhibitors from the beginning of January 2021 using the link that we send you once you have paid the admission invoice. After your ticket purchase you will receive a mobile ticket by e-mail in addition to the Print@home ticket. Simply scan the mobile ticket on your smartphone to enter the fair.

Each exhibitor receives via e-mail a specified number of free Print@home exhibitor tickets (exhibitor passes) for his stand, for the duration of the trade fair.

  • Stands up to 20 square meters: two exhibitor passes
  • Stands from 21 square meters: one (additional) exhibitor pass per extra 20 square meters or part

Extra exhibitor passes are available at a price of EUR 35 plus VAT each. The exhibitor passes are fully personalized and are intended for stand staff only. They may not be transferred to others. In cases of misuse, Messe München has the right to withdraw the exhibitor pass.

Co-exhibitors receive one free Print@home exhibitor ticket (exhibitor pass). Further exhibitor passes can be ordered from the beginning of January 2021 using the link provided by us once the admission invoice has been paid by the main exhibitor.

If the contact person changes after you have already registered for LOPEC 2021, please send an information to We will make the changes for you.

No. Subaccounts can be set up only for the exhibitor shop, not for the registration account.

Please check your spam folder first. If you still cannot find the email, please contact

Cancellation is free of charge if it occurs after the exhibitor has submitted an application and before the exhibitor confirms the placement proposal that we send out.

Cancellation fees are incurred if the exhibitor wishes to return its stand space after the exhibitor has confirmed the placement proposal in writing. The cancellation must be made in writing. If the stand can be re-rented to a new exhibitor, the cancellation fee is 25%of the participation fee. If it is no longer possible to re-rent the stand area, 100%of the participation fee will be charged. Please also refer to the General Conditions of Participation under “A 5 Termination of Contract.”

Advertising and sponsorship offers at and in the vicinity of the trade-fair center are available exclusively to exhibitors, co-exhibitors and companies at joint exhibition stands.

A online voucher for a one-day ticket is a free entry voucher for your customers that you can order from us. You will receive a certain contingent as a starting package after the confirmation of the placement proposal. You can use these voucher codes for your professional invitation and contact management, since the voucher represents an incentive to visit your exhibition stand.

Do you have questions about participating in LOPEC? We would be pleased to support you.

LOPEC team

Foreign representatives

Questions about costs

The admission invoice includes - in addition to the stand space fee - the mandatory communication fee, the AUMA fee (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) and the mandatory waste disposal fee at the trade-fair center during the fair. In addition, the advanced payment for services is booked with the registration.

Any additional services that you need, such as stand construction and related furnishings/equipment (e.g., partitions, carpeting, electricity) as well as exhibitor passes and advertising materials, can be ordered for a fee through the Exhibitor Shop. We will automatically inform you as soon as the online order system becomes available.

All Exhibitors will be charged a mandatory communication fee of EUR 420. The mandatory communication fee includes the basic entry in all trade fair directories as outlined in clause B 10 Media Services. Exhibitors can book other entries in the respective advertising media for extra charges. Prices for the additional listing and advertising opportunities, provided by the contracted media services partner, can be accessed through the Exhibitor Shop.

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) charges all exhibitors a fee od EUR 0,60 (net) per sqm of rented exhibition space. That fee is invoiced by MMG and paid directly to AUMA. Information about AUMA is available here:

Mandatory waste disposal fee is chargedv with 2,80 EUR / per sqm of rented exhibition space to cover the disposal of waste that accumulates at the exhibitor's stand during setup/dismantling and during the fair itself.

Our admission invoice will include an advance payment for services. In the final invoice this advance payment will be offsetted against the services actually used.

Questions about the stand building

You can find details here: Dates—set-up and dismantling times.

If you have questions of a specific technical nature, please contact our exhibitor Technical Services Team.

Stand-building guidelines for LOEPC 2021 and information about stand safety, such as fire protection, can be found in the Technical Guidelines of Messe München GmbH.

No. For safety reasons, cables and lines may only be installed by technicians who work for Messe München GmbH or its official service partners.

If there are questions about the borders of your stand, please contact the responsible member of the exhibitor Technical Services Team. He/she will either solve the dispute directly or have the stand space measured again.

As a rule, our Traffic Guide should answer all of your questions. If you have additional questions, please contact the Traffic and Safety Department.

  • Actions involving fire hazards, such as fire emitting sparks (firewood, charcoal, etc.), are strictly forbidden on the entire trade-fair grounds.
  • For fire-safety reasons, the use of liquefied petroleum gas (e.g., patio heaters) is prohibited due to the size of the exhibition and proximity of the stands. The use of electrical cooking appliances is recommended for the preparation of food.
  • Pyrotechnic effects are prohibited on the entire grounds.
  • The use of compressed gases is only allowed for demonstrating exhibits; the use must be restricted to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If compressed gas is used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2 – accessible via the Exhibitor shop). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Flammable liquids are to be kept to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If flammable liquids are to be used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2 – accessible via the Exhibitor shop). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Escape and rescue routes must be kept free, both within and outside your own area. Within the stand, lines of sight are required for meeting rooms and lounges. In your planning, please also remember to arrange for corresponding storage and logistics areas for your catering, so as not to block escape and rescue routes within your stand.

  • Machines exhibited at trade fairs in Germany must generally comply with the requirements of the national implementation of the EC machinery directive (2006/42/EC) with regard to construction and equipment. Exhibits without CE markings must be provided with a clearly legible sign that indicates that they do not meet the requirements of European product-safety laws and can only be purchased in countries within the Europopean Economic Area if compliance with the corresponding provisions is made.
  • Additionally, compliance is required with the requirements for occupational safety in the operation of machines and equipment, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

Please note that for safety reasons, cranes, forklift trucks and working platforms may only be used if they are provided by the competent service partners of Messe München GmbH pursuant to our Technical Guidelines No. 5.2. An overview of our contractors is available in our Exhibitor shop.

Pursuant to the Technical Guidelines No. 2.5, Messe München GmbH or the security service contracted by it for the exhibition grounds provides guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds. However, we cannot guarantee complete guarding and surveillance of the grounds of the trade-fair center. Exhibitors must arrange for security guards for their stands, exhibition goods and other objects at their stands, if required. Corresponding order forms are available in our Exhibitor shop Please keep in mind that exhibits and other objects brought in during set-up and dismantling times are at a greater risk.

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