New products to surprise and impress at the Innovation Showcase

With printed electronics to see up close and even touch, a range of fascinating prototypes and product innovations were presented at the LOPEC 2019 Innovation Showcase.

The Innovation Showcase is a platform for showcasing exciting new products from the printed electronics sector.

Prepare to be amazed by what LOPEC 2019 had to offer:

Airbus Operations GmbH and Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG
Sidewall demonstrator
Airbus and Altran present the “sidewall demonstrator”, a full size concept demonstrator showing printed functionalities a future cabin layout could provide. Not only conductive tracks but foremost interactive surfaces, sensors, antennas and OLEDs are demonstrated on this windowless Sidewall.

EMDE development of light GmbH
OLED reading lamp
EMDE development of light presents the OLED reading light OMLED One d3 from the worldwide first OLED luminaire family of the brand OMLED. The housing of this innovative luminaire is both a circuit board and a control element made of glass. The perfect symbiosis of organic light combined with printed electronics

Karl Knauer KG
HiLight – smart LEDs®: Luminous packaging "Black Panther"
For the global launch of the Marvel Studio blockbuster "Black Panther" Karl Knauer developed a spectacular luminous promotional packaging for the ice tea "Brisk" of the movie sponsor PepsiCo.

Karl Knauer KG
HiLight – printed OLEDs®: Luminous bottle label
The bottle label for Coca-Cola is the world’s first luminous packaging with printed organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). It convinces with extreme innovativeness, a strong ability to draw attention at the POS and sustainability.

Karl Knauer KG
Smart luminous cosmetic packaging
The luminous, seven-part foldig box series for the premium cosmetic brand "elline switzerland" embodies pre innovation, exclusivity and highest quality. "elline" means shining and is derived from Helena, which is Greek for "the shining one".

Signature OLED TV 65G8
The 65" OLED TV is a Smart TV with a 4K OLED panel, 4K Cinema HDR, alpha9 intelligent processor, double triple tuner and a 4.2 sound system with 60 watts.

Lightflex Technology
Scania C-me vest
The Scania C-me vest, connected safety in every situation with leading technology. Light Flex integrates safety and style by utilising a printed active light technology, not sacrificing comfort or aesthetics to provide enhanced visibility and increased safety.

LOPEC presents
La Roche-Posay My Skin Track
A portable UV sensor offered by L'Oréal under the La Roche-Posay skincare brand. The UV sensor is attached to clothing and measures UV radiation and other skin-damaging pollutants to which the wearer is exposed. The data is displayed via a corresponding app.

Odlo Trading AG
I-Thermic midlayer by Clim8 and Twinery
I-Thermic is a fully knitted, intelligent thermoregulating performance midlayer. The garment leverages MAS' patent-pending active heating technology Phoenix and is powered by CLIM8's intelligent module and software, which regulates temperature fluctuations according to individual activity levels and temperature conditions.

oSol:e GmbH
.STOOL solar lamp
.STOOL - The sustainable solar light by oSole for outdoor. The transparent lampshade is also the solar power plant. The structured Lampshade made of a rolled solar film is based on organic photovoltaic (OPV) by Opvius GmbH from Nuremberg. With the ".STOOL App" you can receive information about the charge status ans use the smartphone as a remote.

Wear It Berlin GmbH
Safety at work smart shoe
Safety at work: Actively shining Safety Shoe that alerts the wearer when entering a potentially dangerous zone by emitting light and vibration signls.

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