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Key technology for the car of the 21st century

Whether it is OLED taillights or sensors: Printed electronics is becoming the standard in the automotive industry.

Smart home, home control
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Controlling, lighting, generating energy

Entirely new possibilities from lighting and energy supply to the monitoring of building assets.

Buildings and Architecture
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From foldable displays to smart wearables

Printed electronics are increasingly changing the appearance and functionalities of solutions and products.

Consumer electronics
solar cell
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New horizons from battery supply to solar power generation

Von der Stromversorgung kompakter Smart Objects bis zum Gewinnen von Solarenergie an kompletten Gebäudefassaden.

bus station Halle Saale
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A whole new dimension of light

Enormous flexibility with minimal space requirements, glare-free light distribution, high efficiency and variable colors.

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More safety, new benefits

Printed electronics opens up new opportunities and possibilities—for example, for greater security and service.

medicine, doctor, health care
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From patient tracking to smart drug packaging

From ultra-flexible body function trackers, that are simply strapped on, to interactive drug packaging.

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
Rfid Label On Box
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From information to staging

Packaging will experience a substantial upward revaluation thanks to the diverse possibilities of printed electronics.

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From RFID tickets to smart magazines

Cross-media applications of printed electronics. Many also provide additional boost to the Internet of Things.

Printing & Graphic arts
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When clothing and electronics become one

Clothing that understands touch gestures, measures body values, activates digital services or provides light on request.

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When switches become history

Spectacularly designed control elements where component and electronic functionalities form one single unit.

White goods