A mirror image of the sector

Visitor / exhibitor profiles and survey

LOPEC is a very successful trade fair. Each year, LOPEC attracts participants from the industry’s various sectors. The mix of attendees is of very high quality. Visitors come from all over the world, with more than half coming from abroad. Furthermore, the majority of visitors are decision makers.

Visitor / exhibitor profiles

Here is a glimpse of LOPEC's success in numbers: About 2,700 visitors came from 44 countries, and approximately half of them came from countries other than Germany.

The vast majority of visitors were key decision makers: 85 percent stated that they had direct influence on the decisions made within their company.

Decision-makers at LOPEC

Participant countries

Participant countries of the LOPEC

Top 10 countries besides Germany
1. Great Britain and Northern Ireland 6. Japan
2. France 7. Italy
3. Austria 8. USA
4. Finland 9. Switzerland
5. Spain 10. South Korea

The impressive range of LOPEC visitors is also reflected in the number of different industrial sectors that they represent. LOPEC is without a doubt the trade fair for the printed electronics industry where researchers, specialists, and users come together and discuss ideas.

Visitor / exhibitor surveys

Each year we ask LOPEC exhibitors and visitors to evaluate the trade fair so that we can find out exactly how we can improve.

Here is a breakdown of the results of the 2019 survey carried out by the independent research institute „Gelszus“.

The key results at a glance

Key results at a glance

Trade fair—rating by visitors

Visitor verdict

Trade fair—rating by exhibitors

Exhibitor verdict

Conference—rating by participants

Verdict by participants

The central goal: Initation of business deals

The main purpose of LOPEC is to foster new potential business partnerships. Our trade fair is a very effective way to achieve this. 84 percent of the exhibitors rate the establishment of new business contacts as “excellent”, “very good” or “good”. This also applies to the visitors, as the establishment of new business relations was an important reason for them to attend the exhibition. Cultivating existing business contacts and exchanging experiences are a high priority among exhibitors.

Top reason for attending LOPEC 2019: Establishing new business partnerships

Establish new business partnerships

Representation of the entire value chain

LOPEC's unique strength is its comprehensive range, covering not only materials and manufacturing processes, but also applications, devices, and services. Trade fair participants very much value this broad selection of sectors. The presented sectors are rated as follows:

Participant interest and evaluation of the presented sectors

Participants interested