A mirror image of the sector: our participant profile

LOPEC is a very successful trade fair. Each year LOPEC attracts participants from the industry’s various sectors. The various guests who attend are still all of a very high quality. Visitors travel from around the world, with more than half coming from abroad. Furthermore, the majority of visitors are decision makers.

Here is a glimpse of LOPEC's success in numbers: About 2,500 visitors came from 51 countries, and approximately half of them come from countries other than Germany.

The vast majority of visitors were key decision makers: 80 percent stated that they had direct influence on the decisions made within their company.

Decision-makers at LOPEC

Participant countries

Participant countries of the LOPEC

Top 10 alongside Germany
1. Austria 6. South Korea
2. Great Britain 7. Japan
3. Switzerland 8. Spain
4. France 9. The Netherlands
5. USA 10. Finland

The impressive range of LOPEC visitors is also reflected in the number of different industrial sectors that they represent. LOPEC is without a doubt the trade fair for the printed electronics industry, a place where researchers, specialists, and users come together and discuss ideas.