New products to surprise and impress at the Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase: People looking at prototypes and product innovations at LOPEC

With printed electronics to see up close and even touch, a range of fascinating prototypes and product innovations awaits you at the LOPEC Innovation Showcase.

The Innovation Showcase is a platform for showcasing exciting new products from the printed electronics sector. The range of real-life applications on show has never been as great as 2018.

Prepare to be amazed by what LOPEC 2018 had to offer

Icon Automobil / Mobility Audi presented the new Audi A8. The integrated OLED tail lights allow an extremely homogeneous illumination with an innovative light design.
Weiße Ware CDT (Cambridge Display Technology Ltd) showed a fridge with a FlexOLED display seamlessly integrated in the door and a car charger with a FlexOLED display.
Beleuchtung Textil CuteCircuit’s Mirror Handbag features an ultra-lightweight precision machined aerospace aluminium frame plated in gold or anodised black, with luxury Italian lining.The side panels of the handbag feature laser-etched acrylic mirror that allows the light of the embedded glowing micro-LEDs to shine through creating mesmerising animations and glowing patterns. The Mirror Handbag perfectly represents the merging of digital luxury and fashion innovation. Designed in London and Made in the United Kingdom.
Icon Medizin / Wellbeing CZIPEI (Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry) presented a smart cosmetic eye patch with integrated paper battery. The micro current helps to alleviate major skin problems around the eyes.
Unterhaltungselektronik & Beleuchtung The Fraunhofer FEP demonstrated a flexible OLED on plastic web and interactive data eyeglasses with OLED microdisplays, which enable image recording, playback mode and hands-free eye control.
Automobil, Textile, Medical, Wellbeing & Mobility IEE presented screen printed electronic products with a variety of applications in automotive, sports and medical industries. By some of them the functionality of traditional screen printed electronics is extended into a hybrid-electronic.
Energie KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) presented solar glasses with integrated semi-transparent organic solar cells. The smart glasses measure temperature and display solar radiation intensity.
Unterhaltungselektronik LG showcased the Signature OLED TV 65W8 with an ultra-thin flat panel. The 65’’ “wallpaper” OLED TV is less than 5mm thin.
Icon Energie / Wellbeing The Tokyo University showined “skin electronics”, which allow health monitoring. The soft, flexible skin display is about 1 millimeter thick and consists of micro LEDs.
Beleuchtung LOPEC presented IKEA's first OLED lamp. The Vitsand model uses 7 OLED panels to provide 700 lumens at 2700 kelvin. The pendant lamp is dimmable.