Packaging that reminds you to take your medication

Printed electronics in medical and pharmaceuticals

From smart hospital shirts to interactive packaging for drugs, the medicine and pharmaceuticals industry is one of the main industry players injecting inspiration into the development of printed electronics.

Solutions centered around printed electronics are already providing an unprecedented level of adaptability when it comes to taking and monitoring vital signs within the medical sector, coming in forms such as discreet wristbands, strain gauges, and ultra-thin electrodes that are applied directly to the patient’s body. The ultimate example of this is the Temp Traq thermometer, which constantly measures a child's body temperature and displays it on their parents' smartphones.

Functional t-shirts with built-in sensors that provide extensive monitoring features may already be in production, but the next step is the hospital shirt that makes it quick and easy to keep track of all vital parameters at all times and that can be used to regulate temperature automatically.

Drug manufacturers can make sure their products are taken in the correct doses and are therefore at their most effective by using multi-functional printed labels that remind patients among other things when to take their next pill. Certificates of authenticity printed onto packaging, and containing information about the origin, ingredients, and storage temperature profile if required, will improve safety standards in future and provide protection against counterfeit medicine.