April 7, 2016

LOPEC 2016: Participant statements

Dr. Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Product Management, PolyIC, Germany
“LOPEC is the leading event in printed electronics; therefore we are active here every year al-ready from the very beginning. LOPEC shows the trends and possibilities of printed electronics. It gives a very good overview about the international status of this fascinating technology. We use LOPEC to present our current portfolio on transparent conductive films and their applications in the automotive, consumer and home appliance industry.”

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and principal analyst, Touch Display Research Inc., USA
“I have been attending the LOPEC exhibition and conference for over 3 years, and my company had an exhibition booth this year. This is a very good event focusing on flexible and printed displays, sensors, photovoltaic, equipment and market trends. I'm always glad to network with old industry friends and meet new friends at this event.”

Stan Farnsworth, Vice President Marketing, NovaCentrix, USA
“All aspects of the technology chain come together by close collaboration and fostering personal relationships. The evolving capabilities can be best communicated to product designers and engineers. LOPEC has achieved a critical mass, where the number of attendees and exhibitors come together.”

Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing Director, OE-A, Germany
“Also this year, LOPEC has proven to be the main international event for all key market players of the printed electronics industry. From end-users, suppliers, and manufacturers to developers and researchers—LOPEC offers all members of the value chain clear insights as well as networking opportunities and know-how exchange. One thing is certain, the use of printed electronics will keep on growing. Soon it will be impossible to imagine everyday products without printed electronics!”

Kaz Lawler, CTO, PakSense, USA
“There is increasing interest and activity going on worldwide in the area of printed and flexible electronics. LOPEC provides the opportunity to meet with the people who are moving printed and flexible electronics forward. This innovative technology will become part of our every-day lives in consumer packaging, health monitoring, food safety, product authentication, structural integrity, and more.”

Giles Lloyd, Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Merck, Germany
“As the single largest exhibition and conference, LOPEC is crucial to the industry. The potential for networking is huge, with late full value chains represented. The conference supports the exhibition very well and provides a platform to present concepts and ideas for collaboration.”

Jaap Lombaers, Director Flexible and Free-form Products, TNO and co-founder of Holst Centre, Netherlands
“At LOPEC, we have shown our newest developments in flexible, wearable and textile-integrated electronics. We’re pleasantly surprised by the positive response of many visitors on our technology but also by results shown at LOPEC by a number of other research organizations and companies, demonstrating that this market is now truly opening up. For us LOPEC is an excellent opportunity to assess the status of this innovative field.”

Frank Schäfer, Sales Director Clean Technologies, Kroenert, Germany
“LOPEC becomes more and more important. Companies located abroad, also from afar such as the Asia-Pacific region, take part. The event is very suitable for networking and is the most important exhibition covering the whole value chain.”

Ad Scheepers, Director Sales Industry Sector Electronics & Manufacturing Technologies, Bosch Rexroth, Germany
“The exhibition is a great way for networking due to the availability of decision makers who are able to explain their actual position and future goals and strategies. The conference is important to see how the market evolves. An increasing number of well-known end-users are present to explain their interest as well as concrete applications.”

Prof. Henning Sirringhaus, Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
“LOPEC is a great event that brings together industrialists and academics in an effective way. It is inspiring to hear about the latest advances on materials or device science as well as industrial challenges and products at the same event. I was particularly impressed by the exhibition which I found highly relevant, lively and exciting.”

Dr. Rüdiger Sprengard, Director New Business Ultra-Thin Glass, Schott, Germany
“Schott considers LOPEC a unique platform, bringing together major stakeholders along the entire value chain and inspiring new thinking: This is the place to be to configure the future of our industry.”

Hiroyuki Taiko, Senior Manager/ Strategy planning, JAPERA, Japan
“At LOPEC we get the latest information through the face to face conversation with other exhibitors as well as visitors. That helps to understand the latest total progress in the PE technology and business status.”

Jörg Weidauer, Sales Manager Fluid Coating Systems, Nordson PPS, USA
LOPEC is regarded as the leading trade fair in the printed and organic electronics industry, inno-vatively and sustainably bringing together all of the contacts you could want and all of the most important information—from theory through to application. As a place to discuss successes, new trends, and future milestones, the LOPEC Conference is right at the core of the trade fair's con-cept. Such information is invaluable for deciding on new market strategies, product developments, and new investments.