September 28, 2016

LOPEC under new Exhibition Director

On October 1, 2016, Barbara Ismaier took on the role of Exhibition Director for LOPEC, the International Exhibition and Conference for Printed Electronics. She takes over from Carolin Fischer who has gone on maternity leave. Ismaier will bring a wealth of experience and expertise with exhibitions to the role. “Not only do I know the LOPEC venue inside out, I am also very familiar with all the operations and processes involved in conference and event organization”, confirmed the new Exhibition Director.

Barbara Ismaier has been working as a Project Manager at ICM - Internationales Congress Center Munich since 2005. In her eleven years at Messe München, she has organized and successfully executed a wide range of events of various kinds, from company events to annual general meetings and conferences. She has also been responsible for marketing activities and process optimization. Prior to starting at ICM, Ismaier completed a degree in “Tourism Business Administration.”

Barbara Ismaier reports to Brigitte Hügel-Smith, who is the Exhibition Group Director and therefore responsible for LOPEC. The LOPEC team is, as always, on hand to assist, with Simone Bingel as Exhibition Manager for the conference and Stefanie Fischer-Kleiner filling the same role for the exhibition.

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Pictures for this press realease

Pictures for this press realease