Main press conference

LOPEC Main press conference

The main press conference for LOPEC 2018 took place on Wednesday, March 14, at the ICM.

During the press conference, the journalists got to know all about LOPEC 2018 including facts, figures and event highlights. On the occasion of the anniversary the panel gave a review of ten years of printed electronics as well as commanded a view for the future of the technology. Participants of the press conference also gained insights into “Mobility” and “Wellbeing”, the focus topics of the exhibition.

Discussion participants were:

Martin Lechner

Dr. Martin Lechner
Messe München, Executive Director of Business Unit New Technologies

Jeremy Burroughes

Dr. Jeremy Burroughes FRS, FREng
CTO of Cambridge Display Technology and Chairman of the OE-A board

Wolfgang Mildner

Wolfgang Mildner
General Chair of LOPEC