LOPEC is worthwhile for you

LOPEC—good reasons to visit: networking, knowledge transfer, an overview of the market

There are many good reasons for you to attend LOPEC. LOPEC is the leading trade fair for printed electronics. Practically anyone who is important in this industry is represented here, and it's the perfect place to find out about emergent technologies.

If those aren't good enough reasons for visiting LOPEC:

  • LOPEC is the only event for printed electronics that brings together technology and business.

  • As the leading international platform for the entire industry, it offers guidance on every aspect, from research to application—not just today, but tomorrow too.

  • LOPEC connects, inspires, and puts ideas into practice.

  • This is where printed electronics come to life.

New business relationships

LOPEC is a popular and well-attended trade fair because it knows how to bring together the needs of visitors and exhibitors in an ideal way. Visitors, like exhibitors, come to build new business relationships here. To the great satisfaction of visitors, this approach succeeds again and again at LOPEC, not least because 80 percent of the visitors here are decision-makers.

Effective overview of the market

The second major objective of visitors (and exhibitors) over the two days of the LOPEC trade fair is to gain a picture as full as possible of what is going on right now in the printed electronics market. It's quite possible to gain this sort of market insight at LOPEC because the whole value chain is represented and exhibitors are present from all over the world.

A glimpse of the future

LOPEC is always an inspiration—both for visitors and for exhibitors. This is due to the fact that the latest technologies are presented here and projects are initiated that involve researchers, users, and producers working together. Here, innovation is truly driven forward and visitors can gain a clear impression of the future of this technology and its applications.

Functional knowledge transfer

A particular feature of LOPEC is its combination of conference and trade fair. This ensures that researchers and users meet one another and can exchange ideas, ensuring that efficient knowledge transfer actually takes place. Between the scientist and the practitioner—and vice versa. Users learn about the latest technical developments, while the research side gets to find out about the business requirements. This exchange benefits both sides.

Targeted visitors in percent
63% Information about / looking for novelties
60% General market information
57% Establishing new business relations
49% Continuous learning / increasing professional expertise
33% Fostering existing business relations
33% Studying the competition
13% Preparation for transactions
7% Doing concrete investment transactions

As we say: LOPEC connects, inspires, and puts ideas into practice.