Business Conference topics

The Business Conference aims in particular at end user applications, their special requirements and the related business models. Also from an external viewpoint:

  • How is the product-market fit?
  • Which unmet needs do the products fulfill?
  • How can this new technology enable products which generate additional turnover and profit?
  • Which business strategies make sense?
  • What lessons can be learned from the market launch of other innovative technologies?
  • Which business models have proven successful?

The following sessions are part of the LOPEC Business Conference:

End-user applications and requirements

  • What do customers want, and what do they need?
  • Does this correspond to the latest technologies or is there a gap between both?

Business and product developments

  • Companies and products that have managed to enter the market
  • New technologies that have been implemented into products and which have proven successful on the market

Supply-chain challenges and changes

  • How does the supply chain for printed electronics differ from others?
  • Are there specific requirements, challenges, or peculiarities? If so, what are they?

Market trends and industry developments

  • What is the status of the market at present and in what direction is it moving?
  • Market players, niche markets, etc.

Business models and business environment

  • What business models have successfully been implemented in the PE industry?
  • What are the possible IP strategies in printed electronics?
  • How to best use your IP to build a successful business model
  • How does IP licensing impact your business model and/or market?

Business Conference Chair:

Dr. Michael Korell, Evonik (DE), Project Manager

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